Jonathan Olmsted

Research Computing @ Princeton

If you are affiliated with Princeton University and are looking for research computing help, you may want to see Research Computing or see the Q-APS Consulting site. A temporary holding place for some Q-APS information is at the Q-APS Wiki.

If you are looking for help with research computing for social sciences at Princeton University, please send an email to describing your problem or question.

For specific information on:

  • the Advanced Statistical Programming Camp, see here (Q-APS site) or here (this site)

  • using git at Princeton University, see here

  • using high-performance computing resources at Princeton University, see (somewhat older) documentation here (Q-APS site). a set of setup and example scripts here (github), and the Advanced Statistical Programming Camp materials linked above.

For a broad set of information on different computing topics and languages, see here (Princeton Praxis).

For a coherent guided tour on a specific tool-chain see Software Carpentry and watch for any upcoming bootcamps.

For information on the Princeton Python Users group, see here.